Pushover Pricing

Individual Pricing

To use Pushover for yourself or a small group, it's just a $5 USD one-time purchase on each platform (iPhone/iPad, Android, and Desktop) where you want to receive Pushover notifications. You can try it out free for 30 days by downloading our iPhone/iPad or Android apps, or by using our Desktop app right from your browser. Multiple devices of the same platform are covered under the same one-time purchase, so you can use Pushover on your iPhone and iPad, or an Android phone and Android tablet without paying anything extra. There are no subscription fees for individuals using Pushover.

Team Pricing

For companies or organizations, our Pushover for Teams service is $5 USD per-user, per-month and comes with extra features like centralized management, SMS fallback delivery, priority message queuing, and priority support. Each Pushover for Teams user can use Pushover on all of our supported platforms (Android, iOS, and Desktop) without any extra fees.

Sending Notifications

All Pushover users can send notifications to their own devices or to any other user's devices through our API, E-mail Gateway, or any Pushover-enabled app or service. Each user can send up to 10,000 messages per month for free. Users needing to send larger amounts of notifications can easily upgrade sending capacity through our website.