Pushover for Teams

Pushover for Teams is a monthly service option ideal for companies and organizations deploying Pushover to multiple users. Pushover for Teams greatly simplifies the management of your users and their devices, while adding some key new features that make Pushover even more useful.

Pushover for Teams is just $5 per user, per month (or $60 per user, per year).
Pay only for the number of users you have each billing cycle and cancel any time.

Get Started with Pushover for Teams

Centralized User, Group, and Application Management

No more having to collect and manage Pushover user keys from all of your users. With Pushover for Teams, your users and their devices are managed from your central dashboard and administrators can easily add new users and terminate service for outgoing users. Groups and applications can be managed by all of your team administrators.

Higher Free Message Limit

The first Pushover application belonging to a team can send 25,000 messages per month for free rather than just 10,000, reducing or eliminating your upgrade costs for higher volume applications.

Simplified Licensing

All Pushover for Teams users are given full use of our Pushover apps for iOS, Android, and Desktop for one flat fee per user. No more having to assign and update licenses to each user as they migrate to new devices.

Instant Login

When adding users to your Team, either individually or bulk uploading a CSV file, users can optionally be e-mailed new credentials or an Instant Login link that will automatically log the user into the Pushover application without needing to enter any passwords.

Kiosk Mode

Useful for devices used in public locations, kiosk mode disables access to the settings menu in our apps and can be enabled per-device on any account on the team.

Automatic Group Updating

Sending a broadcast message to all of your team users is incredibly simple with automatically updating delivery groups. Your delivery group key can be used in any application that features Pushover support, and this group will always be in sync with your list of active team members.

Creating custom groups of select users, such as a sales team or different levels of escalation, is quick and easy with our team dashboard.

Priority Message Delivery

All messages sent to Pushover for Teams users are given priority in our dispatching queues, so your notifications arrive even faster.

Priority Support

Pushover for Teams offers priority technical support via e-mail. Administrators can configure a custom support option for their users to be shown when they reach out with questions about their Pushover notifications.