If you have questions or comments about your Pushover service, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will make every effort to reply within 48 hours.

For faster support, please see our list of Frequently Asked Questions as your question may already be answered.

Not receiving any notifications? Only getting messages once you open the iOS/Android application?
Please see our list of steps to try to resolve this problem with your device before contacting us.

Not receiving notifications from 3rd party software (such as WooCommerce)?
Please see our note about 3rd party software and how to narrow down where the problem may be, as we are not able to provide support for 3rd party software.

Need an application/API token?
If you are using 3rd party software that integrates with Pushover and is prompting you to enter an "application token" or "API token", you can register for one for free here. Note that this is different than your Pushover user key, which you can see on your dashboard.

Feature requests
We value your feedback and suggestions to improve our service. All feature requests are read and categorized to help us choose which features to implement, although we usually do not send a response to each feature request. If you have a specific question, please choose a request type below other than "Feature request".

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